It is my hope that my work would inspire you to learn more about the world and about yourself. If you happen to also enjoy the visuals that’s a great bonus.

I can truly say that since I started Ola Gustafsson Illustration,  I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to have had a number of different roles in different media constellations. Wether it is digital illustration or graphic design for newspapers and magazines, arabic children’s books, cutting edge digital development for tomorrows schools or teaching visual storytelling for graphic design students, they all have one thing in common: a passion for graphic design, stories and a passion for tomorrow’s media.

  • Crack ideas 95% 95%
  • Meeting deadlines 98% 98%
  • Playfulness 97% 97%
  • After Effects 95% 95%
  • Illustrator 100% 100%
  • Photoshop 100% 100%
  • Indesign 100% 100%
  • Cinema 4D 89% 89%

This is a true business recommendation. I did not know Ola before joint business. I came across Ola on recommendation and I sincerely recommend him further. Always humble and intelligent he grasps every hint of your intention and turns it into a graphic wonder-world. I have had the pleasure to work with him on my first child book and we are now working as a team on my second book. I hope to see us in collaboration on the third and beyond. Whatever small adjustments you have in sight he will question, interpret and make even better than you imagined still always swift and balanced and at all times at a high service level. Surprisingly Ola seems to have an understanding for graphics and dynamics of most things ranging from pure fiction, space, spiritual things to pure commercial illustrations and educational explaining graphics. Ola is very versatile I think and you could probably use his competence for most projects. Ola is precise, timely, adaptable, serviceable and committed – and a great talent. In other words an unusually competent illustrator/artist. I highly recommend him for your next project.

Magnus Tyrgrim

VD, Ackebrink AB & Svenska Sportskolan

Ola is a highly skilled and professional artist with a great eye for design and superlative illustration skills. Always exceeds expectations with regards to level of work produced, imaginative interpretation, attention to detail and meeting deadlines.

Sarah Scofield

CEO, Polar Fish Publishing

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